Whitepaper about recent developments in the Gulf of Guinea

8 March 2021 | Marine

We would like to inform brokers, shipowners and charterers of a significant increase in the number of violent attacks in the Gulf of Guinea, some of which resulted in the loss of the life of crew members.

Risk Intelligence, a Danish company specialized in the analysis of threats from and interaction between piracy, organized crime, terrorism, insurgency and military conflicts since 2001, published a whitepaper about the recent developments in the Gulf of Guinea.

In the Gulf of Guinea, all types of ships may come under attack. This whitepaper looks at three aspects that ship operators should take into consideration for any type of operation in the Gulf of Guinea.

We wish to keep our clients informed of the current dangers and threats through reliable information and practical recommendations. This is why we share this whitepaper about the recent developments in the Gulf of Guinea with you.

If you have questions about this whitepaper or the covers we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact one of my colleagues of our marine department about this matter.

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