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Our cover

DUPI’s Engineering Insurances have capacity up to EUR 50,000,000 limit (Estimated Maximum Loss based). We write on the basis of standard broker wordings and on our own DUPI Engineering Insurance wording. In-house underwriting and claims handling is provided by our experienced staff (qualified engineers). The in-house administrative support system is tailored to your needs.


Construction All Risk

DUPI’s CAR Insurances are designed to protect Contractors and their Principals against losses and damages that might arise during the construction work for any Building or Civil Engineering project.

DUPI’s Engineering Insurance offers insurances for amongst others the following risks:

  • Basic construction risks for houses, apartment buildings, offices, hospitals, etcetera.
  • Complex risks for power plants, chemical plants, factories, etcetera.
  • Civil engineering risks for bridges, harbour works, dreding & reclamation and infrastructural works.
  • Renewable energy risks.


Contact our underwriter for more information about construction all risk

Ivan Laagland
Senior Underwriter CAR/Engineering

Machinery breakdown and computer/electronics

Our Machinery Breakdown and Computer/Electronics Insurance is an accident insurance which provides cover against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to the insured object. We can offer insurances for domestic and international risks with Dutch interest, but also international risks without Dutch interest.

Covers are offered for amongst others the following risks:

  • Production machinery and computer/ electronics and (renewable) energy.
  • All Risks possibility for power related risks.
  • Metal, wood and plastic processing, printing industry, recycling et cetera.

We also offer bespoke covers for:

  • DIC/DIL coverage
  • Failure coverage without need to demonstrate damage
  • Business interruption
  • Extra costs on first-loss basis (premier risque)
  • Data/software reconstruction
  • Declaration contracts based on maintenance and warranty agreements
  • No multiple excess in case of damage covered on several sections


Contact our underwriter for more information about machinery breakdown and computer/electronics

Niels Mastenbroek
Underwriter CAR/Engineering